Station Locations

  • Five staffed stations
  • Two unmanned station
  • Three battalions rotate with crews working 48-hour shifts
  • Shift supervision:
    • One Battalion Chief
    • Captain at each station
  • All stations are able to support:
    • Apparatus storage
    • Training area for personnel
    • Fitness area
    • Eating and sleeping quarters

Station 1 (Main Station): 2810 Southern Blvd.

Station 1.jpg

Station 2 (North Hills Station): 1490 Cherry Rd.

Station 2.jpg

Station 3 (Rivers Edge Station): 1650 Riverside Dr.

Station 3.jpg

Station 4 (Original Volunteer Station): 19th Ave.

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Station 5 (Enchanted Hills Station): 5103 Santa Fe Hills Blvd.

Station 5.jpg

Station 6 (Mariposa Station): 3125 Mariposa Parkway

Station 6.jpg

Station 7 (Vista Hills Station): 641 Rockaway Blvd.

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