Mission Statement

The mission for every member of the Rio Rancho Police Department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve, and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to all persons within the City of Rio Rancho.

Value Statement

THE RIO RANCHO POLICE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES IN THE VALUE OF HUMAN LIFE AND DIGNITY. All persons shall be treated with courtesy and respect. Abuse of police authority is not compatible with the trust vested in us by the community.

THE RIO RANCHO POLICE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES INTEGRITY IS THE BASIS FOR COMMUNITY TRUST. Our members will conduct themselves in the most professional manner possible so as to serve as role models for the community. A higher standard of conduct is expected of those who carry out the goals of the criminal justice system.

THE RIO RANCHO POLICE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES IN THE PRINCIPLES OF THE CONSTITUTION. We respect the basic rights and freedoms afforded persons by the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

THE RIO RANCHO POLICE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES IN PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL EXCELLENCE. We are committed to high standards of agency and individual performance. We encourage pursuit of higher education by our employees to enhance themselves, the Department, and the police profession.

THE RIO RANCHO POLICE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES IN THE QUALITY OF OUR WORKFORCE. We strive to employ capable, hardworking people who are doing important and satisfying work for the citizens of Rio Rancho. We carefully screen our personnel to insure compliance with the highest standards possible, provide the best training available and guide them with exemplary supervision.

THE RIO RANCHO POLICE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES IN MAINTAINING HIGH STANDARDS OF FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE EXPENDITURE OF RESOURCES ENTRUSTED TO US. We believe that all such resources should be directed to the achievement of departmental goals and objectives in service to the public.

THE RIO RANCHO POLICE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES IN COOPERATION. We believe in community policing to enhance public safety. We will work with the community to address problems that cause crime and disorder.

THE RIO RANCHO POLICE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES IN CRIME PREVENTION. We believe our basic mission is to prevent crime and to deliver vigorous law enforcement services when crime occurs. We welcome community participation to help us deter and successfully investigate crime.

THE RIO RANCHO POLICE DEPARTMENT BELIEVES IN FAIRNESS AND EQUALITY TO ALL PERSONS. Fair and equal treatment will be afforded all individuals we come in contact with and our actions will be tempered with compassion.

Department Motto


The Department motto is a very simple phrase that exemplifies our public safety commitment to the community.


- We are dedicated to our profession, our mission and values and to provide superior public safety service to all people in Rio Rancho.


- We are proud to serve in a growing and vibrant community. Our pride and commitment to public safety reflects how we feel about our department, our community and one another.


- Our number one priority is serving the people in Rio Rancho with quality, professionalism and integrity.