Learn About

  1. Graffiti Removal

    Some areas are not within City right-of-way and, therefore, is the responsibility of the entity that owns the property.

  2. Clearing a Bench Warrant

    If a bench warrant has been processed for you, you have several ways to clear it.

  3. Clearing a Suspended License

    If you find your license suspended, the first place to start the process to clear the suspension would be your closest Motor Vehicle Division office.

  4. Memorial Tree Program

    The gift of a tree is a unique way to celebrate and honor or memorialize a special individual, group or event while adding a long-lasting aesthetic and environmental benefit to the entire community.

  5. Senior Services

    The mission of the Division of Senior Services is to "promote positive aging."

  6. Veterans Monument Bricks

    Find out how you can be a part of the Veterans Monument Bricks.