CDBG 5th Annual Action Plan

While the issue of poverty continues to be a challenge for the City of Rio Rancho, the City is supporting and establishing programs to combat the concern and provide opportunities and services to its extremely-low and low-to-moderate income residents.

The last Census in 2010 revealed that 11.4 percent of the population had an income that was below the federally established poverty level. Since the Census was completed, this figure has decreased by 0.1 percent based on the 2014 American Community Survey 5-year estimate.

As a result of poverty in the City of Rio Rancho, the City’s Financial Services Department continues to utilize resources provided through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to provide assistance to low income individuals, families, and neighborhoods.

Please click here to read the 5th Annual Action Plan, which focuses on program interventions that will best meet the housing and supportive housing needs of residents limited by income who are considered at-risk for homelessness, housing opportunities for severely disabled adults, and improved access for the disabled to public facilities.