Miscellaneous FAQ

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1. How do I sign up for trash service?

2. Why has my trash not been picked up when I put it out?
  • Trash pickup is sometimes delayed due to a holiday.To see when your trash will be picked up or to request it to be picked up please go to Waste Management of New Mexico.

3. Where are the landfills?
  • There are two landfills within the City.The County one is located near the intersection of Idalia Road and Iris Road, and features a recycling facility.The Waste Management landfill is located near the intersection of Northern Boulevard and Broadmoor Boulevard.To learn about their hours of operation please call (505) 867-0816 for the landfill on Idalia and Iris, and (505) 892-2055 for the landfill on Northern and Broadmoor.

4. Do the landfills accept recycled goods?
  • Yes.The County landfill on Idalia Road and Iris Road accepts recycled goods.Please call (505) 867-0816 to learn about their hours of operation.You can also call Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful (KRRB) at (505) 896-8389 for a list of items that are accepted for recycling.

5. How can I get a recycling bin?
  • You will need to contact Waste Management of New Mexico to request a recycling bin.It is encouraged to request the bin at the beginning of setup of your service, because you are paying for the recycling bin in your bill.Their number is (505) 892-1200.

6. What can I recycle?


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