Unser Boulevard

Project Manager: Leila Momenzadeh
Office Phone: (505) 891-5048
E-Mail: lmomenzadeh@rrnm.gov
Contract Company: City of Rio Rancho
Cost: $ TBD
Stage: Right-of-Way
Schedule: Currently - December 2017
The purpose of this project is to continue acquiring right-of-way needed for the future widening of Unser Boulevard, which stretches from Cherry Road to Paseo del Volcan (also known as NM 347).

Additional Information:

Status Log:

  • January 2017: The City has acquired 15 more parcels, and is working towards finalizing the acquisitions. The City will receive some additional Federal grant funding in fiscal year of 2019, and will continue acquisitions at that point. The City is actively searching for alternative funding sources to finalize the required right of way acquisition for this project.  
  • October 2016: The City has acquired 8 more parcels, 2 of which are in final stages of probate. Letters of offer will be presented to 6 property owners, and there are appraisals being prepared for 10 new parcels.
  • June 2016: The City has acquired 18 parcels so far, and there are appraisals being prepared for 8 new parcels.
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