Crime Victims Assistance Unit (CVAU)

The Crime Victims Assistance Unit of the Rio Rancho Police Department makes available an informative brochure describing services available to crime victims. View Brochure (searchable PDF).

This unit was created in July 2001 to meet the needs of victims of crime in the City of Rio Rancho and to provide immediate assistance and referrals for victims and their families.

The Crime Victims Assistance Unit's primary responsibility is to quickly assess the immediate needs of a victim. When the officer(s) at the scene of a crime feel that a victim will benefit by having an advocate provide crisis intervention, an advocate will be made available for the victim and family.

Services Provided to Victims

  • Immediate crisis intervention
  • The CVAU acts as a referral agency for victims and/or their families who are unsure where to obtain help
  • Information regarding financial assistance through the New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission
  • Assistance in helping a victim or their family determine restitution due them from an offender
  • Information and advocacy regarding the different stages of the criminal justice system

Resources for Victims

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  1. Tori-Lynn Heaton

    CVAU Coordinator
    Phone: 505-891-5851