Property Lookup

Legal Notice: Destruction of Unclaimed Property

The Rio Rancho Police Department intends to dispose of unclaimed property that was collected during the regular course of business. The legal owners of these items are either unknown or have failed to respond to all attempts to contact them. If you are the rightful owner of an item included on the list below contact the Evidence Unit at (505) 891-5954 Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. Proof of ownership as well as verification of eligibility via background questions will be required prior to the return of any property. Any items listed as Found/Safekeeping Property not claimed within 60 days of this notice will be destroyed pursuant to state law.  Seized property from adjudicated cases will be posted for two consecutive weeks before disposal. Furthermore, if you believe that the Rio Rancho Police Department is holding property belonging to you that is not listed please feel free to contact us.

Posted: 6/4/18 - Found/Safekeeping Property

Item Type
 Case #
 Owner Name (if known)
Numerous items
(1) black contractor bag containing misc clothing and shoes
(1) white mesh laundry bag containing misc toiletries and clothing
(1) black Excel soft instrument case containing 1 Oscar Schmidt acoustic dobro guitar
(1) black and white accordion file caddy containing misc documents
(1) ProLine black metal keyboard stand
(1) FretRest black metal guitar stand
(1) black & white Addidas duffel bag containing misc toiletries and clothing
(1) ProLine expression pedal
(1) black generic soft instrument case (EMPTY)
(2) Trader Joe's reusable grocery bag containing misc over-the-counter medications and toiletries
(1) Better Homes & Garden scented wax burner
(1) metal Corona bucket
(1) UE portable speaker
(1) Clinique cosmetic bag containing misc toiletries
(1) black textile lunch bag containing various keys
(1) Home Depot shopping bag containing 1 heating pad and misc clothing
(1) black Gator Case containing misc musical instrument accessories
(1) black duffel bag containing:
     (3) gas masks w/ filters attached
     (10) gas mask filters
(1) medium-size moving box containing misc toiletries, household cleaning supplies, and 1 tambourine
(1) black hard shell guitar case containing a red-sunburst Washburn BT-2 electric guitar
(1) black Gator TSA case containing a tobacco-sunburst Fender Precision Bass
(1) black acoustic hard shell case containing a Washburn D31S 6-string acoustic guitar
(1) brown paper Verizon bag containing 2 rhythm shakers
(1) plastic bag of misc clothing
(1) brown American Tourister travel luggage case containing:
     misc clothing, 1 cowbell, pair of yellow maracas, pair of drum sticks
(1) black Modern Case Company case containing an Alesis electronic keyboard, misc household goods, and ProLine keyboard stand
(1) Husky canvass tool bag with misc tool, 2, knives, 2 box cutters
18000740 Adney Casey
Children's Bible
Credit Card
  18003307 Kayla Bryan
Misc personal property
18003316 Elijah Torres
Ammo   18003325  
Handgun Walther 18003358  
ID card/Costco
  18003361 Frederick Hall
Co-op Food Card
  18003361 Nancy Davis
Misc Cards/Membership Tags
Black Backpack
Debit Cards
  18003553 Benjamin McKenney
Black Bag
  18003542 Ben Cayaditto
Bag, Knife, BB Gun
Multiple Credit Cards
Handgun Sterling .25 Auto
18003771 Elyse Urrea
Wallet w/ID
18003839 Cameron Key
Cell Phone, Wallet, Cash
18004022 Jason Ortega
Baton, Cigar, Receipt

18004047 Ernest Saenz