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Water Usage Data
The Water Conservation Office tracks water usage by both production (water pumped) and consumption (billed sales).  Most of Rio Rancho meter accounts are for single families.  The chart is for single family residential gallons per capita per day (GPCD) use.

water use chart

The below data is for system-wide gallons per capita per day (GPCD) use.

system water use chart

Water Conservation Meets Growing Demands
Through water conservation education, reductions in the per capita water usage creates a more sustainable supply of our limited water resources for all residents of our growing community. Because it is such an important issue, the City of Rio Rancho amended the Comprehensive Plan to include Water Conservation in 1995 and established a Water Conservation Program in 1998. It became a division in 2003.

Program Goal
Water Conservation Logo
The Water Conservation Program works to “create sustainability of water resources for Rio Rancho through water conservation.” The goal of the Program is to reduce the overall gallons per capita per day (GPCD) to 135 by 2017. This is a 10% reduction of the 2007 GPCD.

Program Mission Statement
“To help ensure a sustainable water supply and to enhance quality of life, the City of Rio Rancho Water Conservation Office promotes efficient use of water resources through community education and outreach. To “Conserve Today – Preserve Tomorrow,” the City of Rio Rancho Utilities Division and Commission support the Water Conservation Office in an ongoing effort to measure and improve water efficiency.”