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March 2011 GO Bond Special Election for Roads
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Bond Question
At their Jan. 26, 2011 meeting, the Rio Rancho Governing Body approved a general obligation bond special election for roads to take place on March 29, 2011.

The special election question voters will consider is: “Shall the City of Rio Rancho issue up to $22,000,000 of general obligation bonds, to be repaid from property taxes, for the purpose of designing, constructing, repairing, enhancing, and otherwise improving roads?”

How Bond Impacts Property Tax Rate
If the bond question is approved by voters, the property tax rate would not increase, and the current rate of 2.06 mills of property tax would be kept in place.

Maintaining 2.06 mills of property tax translates to approximately $5.72 per month for a home with an assessed value of $100,000.

If the bond is not approved by voters, a property tax decrease would be reflected in Nov. 2011 property tax statements.

How Funds Would be Used
If the bond is approved, the city will issue $11 million in bonds in 2011 and in 2013.  Below is proposed projects the city would complete with available funds, which is subject to project bids matching estimated costs, and type of work needed for roads listed remaining unchanged.

In addition to road-related projects in 2011 and 2013, voter-approved bond proceeds would be used for bond issuance and elections costs, and per the Delma M. Petrullo Art in Public Places city ordinance, one percent of the total bond proceeds available would be dedicated for works of permanent public art adjacent to roads.

1) Westside Boulevard roadway construction (addition of two lanes) from Unser Boulevard to Golf Course Road: $2,920,000

2) High Resort Boulevard reconstruction from N.M. 528/Pat D’Arco Highway to Broadmoor Boulevard: $5,076,720

3) Southern Boulevard corridor study: $150,000

4) Pavement preservation program on roads throughout each City Council district: $2,580,661 

    District 1 
    Rainbow Boulevard (from Pecos Loop to Southern Boulevard) 
    4th Street (from Apache Loop to Southern Boulevard) 
    Hood Road (from Pecos Loop to Spur Road) 

    District 2 
    Arcturus Avenue (from 5th Street to Wexford Road) 
    Dennison Park Loop (from Applewood Park Drive to Regency Park Road) 
    10th Street (from King Boulevard to 28th Avenue) 
    Applewood Park Drive (from Wexford Drive to Regency Park Road) 

    District 3 
    Cripple Creek Road (from Castle Rock Road to Mesa Road) 
    Strawberry Drive (to 19th Avenue) 
    West Island Loop (to West Island Drive)  
    Mesa Road (from Spring Drive to Seven Falls Drive) 

    District 4 
    Dogwood Trail (to Foxwood Trail) 

    District 5 
    Mountain Vista Drive (from Desert Ridge Drive to High Mesa Road) 
    Grande Boulevard (from Sara Road to 19th Avenue) 

    District 6 
    Campeche Road (from Oersted Road to Idalia Road) 
    Sprint Boulevard (from U.S. 550 to Enchanted Hills Boulevard) 
    Newfoundland Drive (from U.S. 550 to Husky Drive) 
    Desert Rose Drive (from Dream Dancer Drive to Enchanted Hills Boulevard)

*Some projects may include utility replacement work that would be funded from utility funds

1) Broadmoor Boulevard Design and Construction (design and construct Broadmoor Boulevard from Paseo del Volcan to Norwich Avenue; Broadmoor Boulevard is currently paved only from Country Club Drive to Norwich Avenue): $5,980,000 

2) Federal Matches ($100,000 city match to access additional federal funds for design of Lincoln Road from Paseo del Volcan to Adams Lane, and $282,173 city match to access additional federal funds for design of a total reconstruction of Idalia Road from Iris Road to N.M. 528): $382,173
3) Pavement preservation program on roads throughout each City Council district: $4,449,356 

    District 1 
    Golf Course Road (from Cabezon Boulevard to Westside Boulevard)  
    Foraker Road (from Rodeo Loop to Spur Road) 
    Bahama Drive (to Archibeque Avenue) 
    Kenya Road (from Rodeo Loop to Spur Road) 

    District 2 
    Stallion Loop (from Stallion Road to Lariat Road) 
    Stallion Court (to Stallion Loop) 

    District 3 
    Chessman Drive (from Idalia Road to Lema Road) 
    Chessman Drive (from Lema Road to Broadmoor Boulevard) 
    West Island Drive (from Nicklaus Drive to West Island Loop) 
    Lema Road (from Western Hills Drive to Nicklaus Drive) 

    District 4
    Rockaway Loop (to Rockaway Boulevard) 
    Greenock Drive (from High Resort Boulevard to Ashkirk Loop)  
    Double Diamond Drive (from Double Diamond Loop to High Resort Boulevard) 
    Silver Court (to Rockaway Loop)

    District 5 
    Aquila Road (to Meadowlark Lane) 
    Sara Road (from Southern Boulevard to N.M. 528) 
    Jane Circle (from Southern Boulevard to Sara Road) 

    District 6 
    Gila River Road (to Rivers Edge Drive) 
    Tobol Court (to Mackenzie Drive) 
    Torino Hills Road (to Enchanted Hills Boulevard) 
    Honduras Road (from N.M. 528 to Riverside Drive) 
    Labrador Drive (from Chesapeake Place to Collie Drive)

*Some projects may include utility replacement work that would be funded from utility funds

**The Governing Body held a special meeting on March 1, 2011, to revise the proposed project list for 2013.  The information displayed on this Web page is the revised list that was adopted at the special meeting.