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Paseo Gateway West Specific Area Plan
The Paseo Gateway West Specific Area Plan encompasses an area of 655 acres located in Unit 21, Rio Rancho Estates, Blocks 1-35, all lots and tracts, and Block 36, lots 1-21. It is bounded by Paseo del Volcan on the south, City Center on the east, Wilpett Rd. on the west, and Progress Blvd. on the north.


The Governing Body will also consider changing the zoning designation from TZ Transitional Zoning to CMU Commercial Mixed Use District, C-1 Retail Commercial District, and O-2 Office District for properties legally described in Unit 21 as follows:

Blocks 2 (Lots 12-21) and 5 (Lots 8-21): C-1 Retail Commercial District

Blocks 8 (Lots 11-24), Block 11 (Lots 7-20), Block 19 (Lots 2-29), and Tract AA: O-2 Office District

Blocks 14 (Lots 1-8, 9-25), Tracts B and BB and Block 18 (Lots 10-20, 21-31), Tract A: C-1 Retail Commercial

Blocks 13 (Lots 1-12, 31-40), Tract AA, Block 20, Block 24 (lots 1-6), and Block 25: CMU Commercial Mixed Use District.

The Governing Body will also consider adopting a Corridor Overlay Zone (for access, preservation of future rights-of-way, and design standards) in Unit 21:

Blocks 2, 5, 8, 11, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20
Block 24 (Lots 1-39)
Block 25
Block 26 (Lots 1, 20)
Block 27 (Lots 1, 19)
Block 28 (Lots 1, 18)
Block 29 (11, 12)
Block 31 (Lots 4-22, 39-41)
Block 32 (Lots 20-36)
Block 33 (Lots 25, 26)
Block 34 (Lots 25, 26)
Block 35 (Lot 25).

If you would like to comment on this plan, you are encouraged to attend the public hearing. Comments also can be made in writing and will be presented on your behalf if you cannot attend the meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact the Development Services Department at 505-891-5005 if you have any questions concerning this matter.

Plan and Ordinance 
Paseo Gateway West Specific Area Plan (PDF) 
Paseo Gateway West Specific Area Plan (Word Document) 

Paseo Gateway West Ordinance (PDF) 
Paseo Gateway West Ordinance (Word Document)