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Child Safety at the Library
The Rio Rancho Public Library welcomes children. Our staff serves children by answering questions, assisting in the search for good books to read, providing materials to complete homework assignments, and presenting special programs.

Please remember, the library is a public building! A child's safety is the parent or care-provider's responsibility!

To ensure the safety of children during their visit, we ask that you observe the following rules:
  1. Children ages 9 and younger must be accompanied at all times during their library visit by an adult or care-provider (at least 14 years of age).
  2. Children must be 10 or older to be left unattended in the building.
  3. Parents are responsible for monitoring their child's Internet usage.
  4. Children should not be allowed to run in the library, climb on shelves and furniture, or open the fire extinguisher box.
  5. Please do not allow your child to open the emergency exit at the rear of the children's room; it is alarmed and is for emergencies only.
  6. Please assist small children in using the drinking fountain to avoid accidents.

The library staff is here to assist you in making your library visit a positive family activity. We appreciate your cooperation.

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