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Mission Statement 
The mission for every member of the Rio Rancho Police Department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve, and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to all persons within the City of Rio Rancho.

Value Statement
Paramount to the Department's mission are the values that guide the work and decisions. These values provide a benchmark for the Department's performance in contributing to the quality of life in Rio Rancho. Values are characteristics or qualities of worth and they are non-negotiable. Although an MOS may need to balance the values, the MOS shall never ignore them for the sake of expediency or personal preference. The Department holds its values constant before each MOS to teach and remind the MOS, and the community, of our ideals. They are the foundation upon which our policies, missions and operations are built. The men and women of the Rio Rancho Police Department value:

Human Life and Dignity – The MOS shall give first priority to situations which threaten life; use force only when reasonable; treat all persons with courtesy and respect; and be compassionate and caring.

Integrity – The MOS are honest and truthful, consistent in their beliefs and actions, hold themselves to high standards of moral and ethical conduct and are role models for the community.

The Rights of All Citizens –The MOS shall respect and protect the rights of all citizens, treat all persons fairly and without favoritism, are knowledgeable of the law, obey the law and enforce the law equitably.

Personal and Professional Excellence
-The MOS shall perform to the best of their ability, have a vision for the future, seek adequate resources, train and develop to their highest potential, exercise equitable personnel practices, recognize and reward good performance, support reasonable risk-taking and be tolerant of honest mistakes, be receptive to new ideas and change, work toward realistic, mutually-agreed upon goals, lead by example and remain both physically and mentally competent to perform the duties within their profession.

Accountability – The MOS shall communicate openly and honestly amongst themselves and with the community, understand the importance of community values and expectations, be responsive to community concerns, acknowledge mistakes and be open to constructive criticism, manage resources effectively, thoroughly investigate complaints and remain aware that their purpose is to protect and serve the community.

Cooperation – The MOS shall work as a team, understand the role in achieving Department and City goals and objectives, share the responsibility to serve the citizens of Rio Rancho with other agencies and organizations, strive to understand those who disagree with us, seek the help and cooperation of others and seek to resolve conflicts.

Solving Community Problems –The MOS shall work to anticipate and prevent problems, give a high priority to helping citizens feel safe, actively seek opinions and ideas from others, listen to problems and complaints with empathy and sensitivity and seek innovative solutions.

Department Motto
"Dedication/Pride/Service” The Department motto is a very simple phrase that exemplifies our public safety commitment to the community.

Dedication - We are dedicated to our profession, our mission and values and to provide superior public safety service to all people in Rio Rancho.

Pride - We are proud to serve in a growing and vibrant community. Our pride and commitment to public safety reflects how we feel about our department, our community and one another.

Service - Our number one priority is serving the people in Rio Rancho with quality, professionalism and integrity