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Water Waste Complaints
Water waste is any water, other than natural precipitation, that flows or sprays into a public right-of-way, storm drain, or adjacent private property.Water waste is prohibited by the Water Conservation Ordinance.All City of Rio Rancho water customers and all properties within the City limits are required to comply with water waste regulations and water restrictions.Water Restrictions are from April 1 and lasting through October 31.However, watering by hand is allowed.Watering restrictions do not apply to water used for dust control or soil compaction, or drip irrigation, low-emitting bubblers, hand watering, or watering of containerized plants and plant stock. Shutoff nozzles are required on any hoses used for hand watering, car washing, or other outdoor uses.Please see the Watering Restrictions page for the Water Variances granted.

If you observe water waste please report it to the Water Waste Hotline (505-891-5031).If there is no answer, it means that our technician is out in the field looking and issuing violations, please leave a message of the location, date, and time the violation was observed.Complaints result in a scheduled field inspection, and photographic documentation showing the source of the water waste.Field inspections are more successful if you provide detailed information about the water waste.If you would rather fill out a form instead of leaving a message then you can find the Water Waste Complaint Form in the City’s Request Tracker page.Please see our request tracker forms information below.

Examples of Water Waste:

Water Waste Hotline:
  • Please provide the location, time of day water waste occurred, and the date in your phone message if no one picks up.
  • (505) 891-5031

Report Rio Rancho:

Report Rio Rancho is an intuitive online application that allows residents and businesses of Rio Rancho to identify quality of life and environmental issues; and report them to the appropriate department in the City for resolution.  The application is powered by CitySourced and uses specified location of the issue to help with the reporting process for residents, businesses, and City staff.

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