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Idalia Road
Project Manager: Leila Momenzadeh Cost: $ 7,550,755.00
Office Phone: (505) 891-5048 Stage: Construction
E-Mail: Schedule: Nov. 2015 to
Nov. 2016
Contract Company: Franklin's Earthmoving Inc.

This project is funded by a Federal Grant including a City match. The work consists of reconstruction of Idalia Road from Iris Road to NM 528. The new roadway section is a 2-lane divided roadway with a median, which will include turning lanes, bike lanes, curb and gutter, and sidewalks. There will be a new traffic signal installed at the intersection of Camino Encantadas, as well as, permanent lighting at each intersection. Landscaping, storm drain system, access road construction, and drainage and utility improvements will also be installed.

Additional Information:

Status Log:
  • August 2016: A portion of Phase 1 of the project, from Iris Road to Chayote Road, is scheduled to be opened to traffic by the week of September 19th.  Work for Phase 2 of the project, from Camino Encantadas to NM 528, will begin in mid-September.  Franklin's Earthmoving Inc. is currently working on installing sidewalk and ADA compliant ramps at Iris Road and Idalia Road at the roundabout.  In addition, due to recent storms, Franklin's Earthmoving Inc. is also re-grading some of the eroded slopes, placing seeding and mulch gravel, and cleaning up landscaping rocks.

  • July 2016: Phase one of the project, from Iris Road to Camino Encantadas is being finalized with paving, landscaping, drainage, and access road grading being complete.  The contractor is currently performing project area cleanup.  Phase two of the project, from Camino Encantadas to NM 528 has been delayed due to utility relocation issues, which has caused the final completion of the project to be pushed back to November 2016.

  • June 2016:  The first phase of construction is on going from Iris Road to Camino Enchantadas, and is closed to traffic.  Currently, curb and gutter and retaining wall operations have been completed; sidewalk operations and roadway paving are on going.  The drainage crossing north of intersection of Iris Road and Idalia Road is being finalized and landscaping is on going.

  • November 2015:  Notice to Proceed for Construction was given to Franklin's Earthmoving Inc.

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