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Teri Surette-Fowinkle

picture of Teri Surette-FowinkleTeri Surette-Fowinkle is native born to New Mexico. She is passionate about New Mexico, and being part of a growing community.

Her background and education in music and the Fine Arts gives her vision and a desire to see the two come together. She believes they "intertwine" and compliment one another.

"The Arts always seems to bring a type of unity ... it affects so many aspects of our everyday lives.  It is a privilege being part of a group of like-minded professionals. As Commissioner of District 5, I look forward to working with other Commissioners in bringing the two together and continuing to give our great city an exciting and successful program in the Arts," said Surette-Fowinkle.

Del Norte High School / Albuquerque, New Mexico (1970-1972)

University of New Mexico  
SAGC University / Waxahachie, Texas / Associate of Arts / Sacred Music
S.M.U. / Dallas, Texas / Bachelor Music Ed.

Choral groups / University of New Mexico choir, Acapella choir, Madrigal singers
New Mexico Symphony Chorus
SAGC / Harvesters, Maranatha Repitoire
Choir Chair / Dr. Billy Graham festival 98' (organized 2,000 voice mass choir)
City Event coordinator Women of Virtue conferences / Family life communications Tucson, Arizona
City Event coordinator Women of Faith conferences
"Day One 2000" citywide youth event
Helped to coordinate auctions and fundraisers for women's groups.
Adjudicator for Fine Arts youth talent (music vocal)
"Paint's in The Park" Anniston, Alabama

Business Owner
Certified Health Consultant / Business Developer