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Permit Information
The following information pertains to contactors performing work within the City of Rio Rancho Right-Of-Way on a City Capital Improvement Project (CIP):

1.    Have a current City of Rio Rancho business license, excavation bond in the amount of at least $10,000, and insurance on file with the City. Fees and fines from previous permits must be up to date. Your application for a CIP ROW Use Permit will not be processed until you have submitted all necessary documentation.

2.    Obtain electronic “CIP Request for Right-of-Way Use Permit” Form (see link below) or e-mail to request a form.

Completely fill out the form (Electronic form can be completed in MS Word or “type-able” PDF (handwritten forms will not be accepted). Incomplete forms will be returned to requestor.
Note that detailed information about the scope of the work, size of the work zone and duration of the work is required. The permit fee is based on this information.

3.    Print the form and sign it (electronic or script signatures are not acceptable).

4.    Obtain a certified Traffic Control Plan (TCP).

5.        E-mail both the completed/signed CIP ROW Use Permit Form and the TCP to in one e-mail. Staff will not be responsible for matching CIP ROW Use Permit Form e-mails with TCP emails if they are submitted separately. Faxed forms are not acceptable.

6.        If CIP ROW Use Permit Form is incomplete or any information is missing, the requesting entity will be sent an email stating that their Permit will not be processed until the missing information is submitted.

7.        When a complete submission is received, the TCP will be reviewed for accuracy and relevance to proposed work. The requesting entity will be notified via email of any deficiencies (incorrect or incomplete) with their TCP.

8.        Permits will be approved within 5 working days after receipt of the complete ROW Permit Form, including accurate TCP, bond, and insurance.

9.        When the Permit is approved an email will be sent to the Requestor notifying them of the approval and the amount of the permit fee.

10.     Permit fees can be paid in person at the City Cashier (1st floor, City Hall) or via telephone at 891-5212 or 896-8731 by credit card.

11.     Once we verify that the permit has been paid for in full the permit will be released electronically.

12.     A copy of the Permit and TCP must be available for inspection on the job site at all times.

If you have questions, please e-mail .

View Permit Cost Flow Cart (Searchable PDF)

View Example Road Restoration Calculations (Searchable PDF)

ROW Permit Request Form (PDF / MS Word)

View City Ordinance (Chapter 96) Permit Processes and Fees

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