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Report a Water Leak
There are various reasons water leaks can happen, some of these include: pipe ageing and deterioration, tree or plant roots growing into the pipes, or freezing pipes in the winter.Water is a precious commodity that needs to be preserved for future generations.For this reason Water Conservation practices have been put into effect to help preserve water for the future.However, just because water conservation practices are in use does not mean that leaks do not happen.Therefore, residents are encouraged to report any water leaks they find so that they can be fixed as soon as possible to help us all conserve water.

How to Report a Water Leak:

1. Try to determine if the leak is on your property or outside your property.

a. If the leak is on your property then it is your responsibility to fix the leak.
i. The City can help you find the leak on your property by conducting a water use audit.To request a water use audit, please visit our Water Use Audit page.

b. If the leak is outside your property, please continue to follow the steps below.

2. Check our Active Water Leaks Map to see if the leak has already been reported.Water leaks that are reported appear as dark blue water droplets.

3. If the leak you are reporting is not on the map or page, then please report the leak either by phone or by e-mail.

a. If the leak you are reporting is after normal business hours then please use the After Hours Emergency Leak line.

b. By phone:
i. (505) 891-5019
1. Please provide: location, type of leak, and severity.Optionally: provide name and contact number.
2. This phone number can be used Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M, except on Holidays.

ii. After Hours Emergency Leak Reporting
1. (505) 975-1581
2. Please provide: location, type of leak, and severity.Optionally: provide name and contact number.

c. Online:
i.You can use the Report Rio Rancho application to report leaks.

4. Once the leak is reported it is assigned a number.

a. Please allow 6 hours before seeing the reported leak on the Active Water Leak Map.

5. Leaks are fixed in order of priority.

a. Water main leaks first, then service line leaks, then meter can leaks.

6. Any leaks reported, with the exception of water main leaks, will have at least a 48 hour waiting period.

a. This waiting period is to allow other Utilities to spot their lines per State Law.

Types of Leaks:

Additional Information:
  • Water service lines are being replaced by the City.A portion of the water/wastewater utility rate increases that went into effect in February 2013 and are scheduled to go into effect through 2016 is being dedicated to proactively replace these lines before they fail.As the City is able to do this, the number of leaks and amount of water being lost will be reduced, and customers will experience less service disruptions.

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