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Forms and Fees
Building Inspection Division Forms

Fee Schedule

High Water Use Plant Species

Impact Fees
Please note that all applications may be downloaded and printed, but will only be accepted in person. Please do not mail paperwork in as additional information will be needed at time of submission.

Application Forms (PDF & Word docs)
Appeal  PDF / MS Word
Address Change Application   PDF / MS Word
Application Checklists:  
     - DRC 2011 Checklist  PDF / MS Word
     - Plan Adoption-Amendment Checklist  PDF / MS Word
     - Site Plan 2010 Checklist  PDF / MS Word
     - Zone Map Amendment Checklist  PDF / MS Word
     - Zoning Variance Checklist  PDF / MS Word
Child Care Facility    PDF / MS Word
Community Residential Care Facility   PDF / MS Word
Hobby Breeder   PDF / MS Word
Home Occupation Permit  PDF / MS Word
Planning and Zoning (Includes annexation,
conditional use,drc zone map amendment,
variance, site plan, subdivision,
master plan & amendments)
 PDF / MS Word
Political Sign  PDF / MS Word
Sign Permit   PDF / MS Word
Special Event   PDF / MS Word
Subdivision Directional Sign    PDF / MS Word
Zoning Certifications   PDF / MS Word

Reading the PDF documents provided on this site requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free from Adobe.