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Legal Notice: Destruction of Unclaimed Property

The Rio Rancho Police Department intends to dispose of unclaimed property that was collected during the regular course of business. The legal owners of these items are either unknown or have failed to respond to all attempts to contact them. If you are the rightful owner of an item included on the list below contact the Evidence Unit at (505) 891-5954 Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. Proof of ownership as well as verification of eligibility via background questions will be required prior to the return of any property. Any items listed as Found/Safekeeping Property not claimed within 60 days of this notice will be destroyed pursuant to state law.  Seized property from adjudicated cases will be posted for two consecutive weeks before disposal. Furthermore, if you believe that the Rio Rancho Police Department is holding property belonging to you that is not listed please feel free to contact us.

Posted: 9/1/16 - Found/Safekeeping Property

Item Type  Model/Description  Case #  Owner Name (if known)
Misc tools (power/hand)
Generator/car batteries
Backpack with passport

16005847 John Connell
Pocket knives (2)

16005852 Tamra Wallace
Bicycles/Scooter Mongoose/NEXT
Bicycle Black
Alexis Kingsland
Pliers, pocket knife/hammer
16006155 Alisha Vernon
Misc Property

16006366 Kaitlyn Reese
16006380 Emilio Ortega
Skateboard   16006437  
.357 Revolver, ammo, holster
  16006480 Robert Martinez
.357 Revolver
  16006514 Mario Salas
Bag with knives, bicycle
  16006519 Kevin Sullivan
Personal Property
  16006585 Ricardo Chavez
Prescription Medicine
  16006715 Glenda Rougemont
Misc Clothing/Photos
  16006747 Briana Martinez
Medicine/Scissors   16006754 Kristen Heintz