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Rules of Conduct
Welcome to the Rio Rancho Public Library. In order to ensure that all those using the library may enjoy the library's services, we ask your cooperation in maintaining an environment suitable to library activities. Please follow and respect these rules for the comfort and protection of all who use the library.

While on library property, the following are unacceptable:
1. Bringing weapons into the library.
2. Damaging or vandalizing library facilities, equipment, or materials.
3. Removing library materials without properly checking them out.
4. Abandoning, neglecting, or leaving young children unattended or otherwise violating the library's policy "Child Safety at the Library." Copies of this policy are posted in the library and on the library's website.
5. Harassing other library users or library staff, including physical, sexual, or verbal abuse.
6. Posessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
7. Eating and drinking except in designated areas of the library, if these exist. (Closed containers of water are permitted.)
8. Smoking on the patio or within 30 feet of the library.
9. Sleeping in the library.
10. Failing to wear shoes or shirts at all times.
11. Using cell phones or other electronic devices that are audible to others in the reading rooms or any carpeted area.
12. Selling, soliciting, or political campaigning.
13. Distributing or posting printed materials or literature without prior library approval.
14. Bringing bicycles into the library. Skateboards, in-line skates, wheelies, etc., may not be used in the building and must be carried at all times.
15. Blocking any entrance, exit, or aisle.
16. Bringing in any animals except service animals.
17. Being in the library before or after library operating hours without the permission of an authorized employee.
18. Talking loudly or engaging in other disruptive behavior, including making excessive noise such as prolonged crying.
19. Acts subject to prosecution under criminal or civil codes of law.

If a library user chooses not to follow the library Rules of Conduct, that user will be asked to leave and may have her or his library privileges revoked. Police will be called if the user refuses to leave.