Water and Wastewater Standard Details

Listed below are all of the Standard Drawings used for water and wastewater for all Projects in the City. Please e-mail to bring to our attention any incorrect data or missing information.

Water and Wastewater Design Criteria:

Description Document
Water and Wastewater Design Criteria Water/Wastewater Criteria PDF

General Utility Standards:

Description Document
Marker Ball Detail GU-01 PDF

Wastewater Standards:

Description Document
Sewer Manhole Cover S-01 PDF
Sewer Manhole Cover S-02 PDF
Standard Concrete Manhole Type "E" S-03 PDF (S-03.2PDF
Pipe Bedding S-04 PDF
Pipe Encasement S-05 PDF
Standard Sewer Service Connection S-06 PDF
Typical New Sewer Lateral Connection S-07 PDF
Typical Existing Sewer Lateral Connection S-08 PDF
Standard Air Test for Sewer Mains S-09 PDF
Drop Manhole Connection S-10 PDF
Cradling and Encasement S-11 PDF
Force Main Discharge Manhole S-12 PDF
Sanitray Sewer Combination Air Release / Vacuum Valve Manhole S-13 PDF

Water Standards:

Description Document
Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly (RPBA) W-01 PDF
Pressure Vacuum Breaker Backflow Preventer Assembly (PVB) W-02 PDF
Pressure Vacuum Breaker Spill-Proof Type Backflow Preventer Assembly (SVB) W-03 PDF
Typical Enclosure W-04 PDF
Potable Water Valve Box Assembly W-05 PDF
Single or Double Service Line & Meter Box Replacement W-06 PDF
Pipe Bedding W-07 PDF
Standard Pressure Reducing Valve Station W-08 PDF
Meter Installations Sizes 3" Through 6" W-09 PDF
2" Combination Air Release / Vacuum Valve W-10 PDF
Retrofit 2" to 1 1/2" Meter W-11 PDF
Retrofit 2" to 1" Meter W-12 PDF
Water Meter Box and Lid Meter Size 1" and Smaller W-13 PDF
Water Meter Box and Lid Meter Size 1 1/2" and 2" W-14 PDF
Fire Hydrant Assembly W-15 PDF

Additional Standards:

Description Document
Appendix D - Standard Product List Appendix D PDF
Appendix E - Water and Wastewater Availability Information Appendix E PDF
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